SeaYa Primary LED light with Heating Supply


Battery pack canister with two piezo push-button switches
– option only for 41,4Ah Li-Ion battery pack canister

Underwater pluggable E/O cord for the light head (1 set)

If left blank, default lengths will be used

Enter word(s) to be added to battery canister


Primary LED light head with heating supply and  fixed focus (6°), 2 power modes (100%-50%), Goodman handle, and 12V4A charger.


  1. Light Beam: Fixed at 6° or 10°, adjustable (6°-35°)
  2. Battery size: 9Ah, 13.8Ah, 24.15Ah, 41.4Ah
  3. Canister Color: Black or Blue
  4. Light Head Color: black, red, blue, fuchsia, green, gold
  5. Off Switch in Lighthead: Yes or No
  6. Switch Type: Piezo or Toggle
  7. Cord Type: E/O cord or fixed cord
  8. Mounting: Backmount or Sidemount

Note on Cord Length:

Fitting the cord lengths is free of charge. Default lengths are:
– flexible standard cord: 105 cm (backmount) or 130 cm (sidemount)
– E/O cord: from the light head 65 cm / from the canister lid 40 cm (backmount) or 65 cm (sidemount).



We can engrave on the battery pack canister. Max size: 85mm x  20mm (l x h)

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