SeaYa Primary LED light – Narrow


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30W NARROW primary LED light head with fixed focus (6°), 2 power modes (100%-50%), Goodman handle, and 12V4A charger.


  1. Battery size: 9Ah, 14.1Ah, 24.15Ah, 41.4Ah
  2. Canister Color: Black or Blue
  3. Light Head Color: black, red, blue, fuchsia, green, gold
  4. Off Switch in Lighthead: Yes or No
  5. Switch Type: Piezo or Toggle
  6. Cord Type: E/O cord or fixed cord
  7. Mounting: Backmount or Sidemount

Note on Cord Length:

Fitting the cord lengths is free of charge. Default lengths are:
– flexible standard cord: 105 cm (backmount) or 130 cm (sidemount)
– E/O cord: from the light head 65 cm / from the canister lid 40 cm (backmount) or 65 cm (sidemount).



We can engrave on the battery pack canister. Max size: 85mm x  20mm (l x h)

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