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Suggested Information Sources

I encourage you to read and research from many different angles. Here are a few sources to get you started. If you know of other must-reads, please let me know and I’ll add them to the list.


Required reading – there won’t be a test on this material, but if you want to be a successful Tec 40 diver you must cover this information.


Highly recommended reading – This material will do an excellent job of expanding on the topics we discuss. This material will prepare you for future courses, and allow you to likely have a better understanding of technical diving than your friends, even the experienced tech diving friends. These books do an excellent job at relaying highly technical information to normal people like us.

Deep Into Deco

Deep Into Deco  The Diver’s Decompression Textbook
by Asser Salama

Deco for Divers

by Mark Powell

Deco for Divers  provides a comprehensive overview of the principles underlying decompression theory.

Technical Diving – An Introduction

by Mark Powell

Technical Diving – An Introduction  is a comprehensive discussion on all aspects of technical diving.

The Last Dive

by Bernie Chowdhury

The Last Dive  tells a common story of how many divers make a series of decisions that lead to death or injury. It is important to identify these situations and understand the consequences.


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