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Seacraft DPV Scooters

Choosing your SEACRAFT Scooter

MODELGO!Future BX 750Future BX 1000Ghost BX 1500Ghost BX 2000
Working time at optimal speed *>220 min.>260 min.>350 min.>525 min.>700 min.
Working time at maximum speed (gear 9)*60 min.>70 min.>95 min.>140 min.>220 min.
Range*>10.0 km>11.7 km>15.7 km>23.6 km>31.5 km
Maximum static thrust>260 N>340 N>340 N>340 N>340 N
Dimensions in milimeters520x280x330845x360x410845x360x410800x360x410800x360x410
Housing diameter160 mm160 mm160 mm208 mm208 mm
Weight with battery and fresh water ballast9.7 kg15.9 kg15.9 kg22.9 kg22.9 kg
Battery Li-Ion capacity582 Wh750 Wh1000 Wh1500 Wh2000 Wh
Maximum speed*>1.35 m/s>1.6 m/s>1.6 m/s>1.6 m/s>1.6 m/s
Maximum depth100 m150 m150 m220 m220 m
Tested depth100 m250 m250 m300 m300 m
* Applicable in terms of a diver in a twinset 2×12, in a dry suit, in fresh water. Range tested for optimal speed.

Authorized Seacraft Dealers

The Best Scooter on the Market!

Scooter Love!

All the Seacraft scooters have a place. From the professional level of the GHOST to the travel-ability of the GO!, they are a strong product and we are proud to retail them in the USĀ ~ James Bock

The GO! is so easy to use – lightweight and powerful. I’m in love!~ Emma

This scooter is awesome! I brought it to Bonaire and it was a powerhouse~ Allan