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My Philosophy

I offer training at many levels using OC or CCR. My goal is to provide the highest level training possible. I spend far more than the industry average time with my students, and provide more training per dollar than any instructor I know. I want my students to be a representation of my work and dedication. I enjoy knowing that graduates of my training programs are more equipped to execute technical dives than their peers. I want to produce divers that perform at such a high level, that there is pride in the exclusivity of their skills. My focus in technical dive training/diving means I spend more time than most doing the diving that I teach.

It’s often said that it is the quality of the instructor that makes or breaks the class. I have been trained by some of the best in the world, and this is how I can guarantee paramount dive training. It’s a simple strategy. Take the best training from around the world, and bring it to my students. I also continue to take training – even repeating classes – with different instructors. This keeps my mind open, and I continue learning. Again guaranteeing that I can provide you with the highest quality training.

Principally, I require that I have given my students more than enough information to always come home safely. I will provide more information than the minimum class standards. I also have the technical knowledge to explain all aspects of diving from an in-water standpoint through a physics perspective. The best asset you have while diving is your brain. Thus, I feel knowledge is the greatest tool.

I continue to heavily teach fundamentals in my classes. I constantly receive students that have had previous technical dive training, and a fair amount of those students require a lot of work on the fundamentals before we can effectively move to the technical diving skills. While technical diving skills are not overly complex, it is absolutely critical is that your fundamental diving skills are at a level to free your brain to learn.

My expectations of students are high. I expect students to come to class prepared, willing and able to learn, and wanting to squeeze the class for everything it’s worth. Although many find the level of effort demanding, I hope that students find the value of themselves worth it.

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